Saturday, March 3, 2012

Here’s What Three Things I’d Been Obsessed With In February'12.

I've been so busy this month with everything!
I can't believe it is March already.
I love Spring and I'm looking forward to awakening my senses.
Speaking of, my biggest crush of the month has been Versace Crystal  Noir!
Immerse in Thy love! Fresher then morning dew!

This is the most perfect scent! It is sexy, soft and alluring!
I can't get enough! Love, love, love it!
The next lifesaver for this busy mom has been Origins VitaZing 
SPF 15 Energy-boosting moisturizer!

I love, love LOVE this stuff! 
Adds just a touch of color ( and boy do I need it!) so I can run around without make-up and look great!
Fresh, healthy, natural looking finish!
Great job by Origins!
Finally, my skin's daily drink, MAC Fix +!

There are so many uses for it!
I spray my face with it before, during and after makeup application.
It's a big cocktail of minerals & vitamins that smells fresh & keeps my skin hydrated!
Love it!

Hope everyone is staying healthy and happy!


  1. How long of a wear do you get with the Vitazing?

    1. I set it with MAC MSFN and it lasts me all day!


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