Saturday, April 28, 2012

FGF Playlist


Hello You Gorgeous People!

It's been a very long & crazy week here at the Rated "M" Blog corner.

Real life is full of ups and downs. That's just a fact!

It doesn't take away from the sting of some not so good news though.

What do you do? You come up with a plan of action of course.

You pull your sock up & make your Feel Good Friday list first!

This fabulous idea has been gracefully inspired by a lovely beauty blogger LIZ:

FGF Playlist

1. Beauty barometer?
skin cancer prevention ~ looking for a perfect sunscreen!

2. Standout beauty item this week?
MAC Fix+ Spray ~ I just have added a travel size one to my collection!

3. Standout non-beauty item this week?
Kraft Cool Whip Light ~ my fruit has never tasted so good!

4. Action packed, kick butt movie I watched (and actually liked)?
RHOC!  (no need to comment please) :-)

5. This week, I’ve longed to be….?
I'll just skip this question for now!

6. Aroma I’ve been craving?
Coffee! Freshy grinded, brewed, your good ol' American java!

7. New fragrance I’m loving?
Versace Crystal Noir!  (not that new but all love still)

8. Beauty buy I’m thrilled to have gotten in on?
MAC Phloof & Naked Lunch!
I'm late to the party with these MAC eye shadows but I'm happy to add them to my little makeup family.

 9. Lip combo?

Too Faced Universal Lip Liner and MAC Hue lipstick!

10. Feel good moment?
I toughed it out and made it to the gym this week even though my body said "No!",  my mind said "Just do it!  You will feel better after!"

What kind of week did you have? 
Do share!

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